Gogozing Migration is an independent Australian immigration agency based in Melbourne, Australia and Seoul, South Korea. We focus on providing high quality immigration services to businesses, families and individuals worldwide.

Gogozing Migration was formed by Edward Rimmington. The company wants to emphasise the fact that we are a trustworthy, reliable and 100% consumer focused agency. Our business focuses on selecting the most effective yet practical strategy to achieving client’s migration aims and provide advice in ‘plain English’ rather than legal jargon. We want to give you the best possible chance of success.

Edward Rimmington - Gogozing Migration - 고고씽 마이그레이션

The team is headed by Edward Rimmington, a registered Australian migration agent (MARN: 1688177) who prior to establishing Gogozing Migration, worked  and lived in South Korea in the area of international business and consulting helping international businesses enter the South Korean Market.

While living in South Korea, Edward had his own share of experiences dealing with migration matters in a different country. It was this experience that provided Edward  with the inspiration to start up Gogozing Migration so he could help others with Migration matters in the future. With his in depth knowledge of international business and Australian Migration Law, combined with a friendly but frank and honest approach, Gogozing Migration aims to be your Migration solution partner.
The term “Gogozing” means ‘Let’s go!’ or ‘Let’s do it. This is a popular saying in South Korea with “Go” coming from English word “go” and “Zing” being the sound of someone heading towards their target. The “Gogozing Migration” brand is for people who want to go Australia then “Let’s go” or “Let’s do it”. There should not be anything stopping you from “Gogozing” to your destination.


Gogozing Migration has the goal to provide ethical, reliable Immigration advice and processing services.

We know everyone has a dream and our goal is to help you achieve your dream. Whether it is to come to Australia temporary or to start a new life here, our mission is to aid all individuals to migrate to Australia and achieve their  own  “Australian dream”.

We currently have presence in Melbourne, Australia and Seoul, South Korea and our goal is to become the main migration business in these markets with the long term vision to expand the business to other markets around the world.

We base our business on a few key success factors:

  • loyalty to our clients
  • providing exceptional customer service
  • Continuous improvement
  • being flexible
  • Cross-cultural communication and understanding


Gogozing Migration offers the service from professional Registered Migration Agents who are registered with the Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). Australian Migration Law is confusing constantly changing, and it’s becoming more difficult to attain a visa.

While we know that many of you are capable of applying for visa’s yourself, why take the risk?

Our agents have studied Australian Migration Law & Practice and are up-to-date with the  latest of visa requirements. With memberships and interaction with the relevant authorities and industry bodies, we work to provide professional service on behalf of our clients.

As a Gogozing Migration client, you will be guided and advised on all visa procedures involved in your application. Gogozing Migration represents you before any relevant authorities in case your visa application faces any complications.

Each case is handled individually and treated on its own merits. When we assess a prospective visa applicant we will not take on a case unless we think there is high chance of an successful outcome. We are also bound by the code of conduct which is a legal requirement under Australian Law (Migration Act 1958). Our reputation is more important than a few dollars

By continuing to provide reliable and consistent immigration services we aim to establish long term, positive relationships with our clients.


Gogozing Migration are active members of the Migration Institute of Australia and Migration Alliance. Edward Rimmington is registered Australian migration agent (MARN: 1688177)  under the  Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority. This is a requirement for people offering migration advice. There are a lot of unqualified people in the industry offering migration advices and anyone who cannot show you their MARN number is someone you cannot trust.

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