Do you have questions about filing a visa application? Why not have a consultation with us.

Our Immigration Consultation service are for situations when you need to discuss your immigration matters in more detail and with a professional.


1. Book a telephone / face to face / video consultation

While we offer an online assessment service, applying for an Australian visa can be a complicated matter and sometimes an online assessment isn’t enough to help visa applicants. Everyone’s situation is unique and this is why we enough people to book an initial consultation to explore all possible options. This can be done face to face if you reside in Melbourne or through telephone or video conferencing like skype.


2. Consultation hours

We are an Australian company located in Melbourne (Australian Eastern Time Zone (UTC+10:00). Please book an appointment using the online calendar.


3. Consultation matters

During your consultation, we provide a comfortable environment for you to discuss your situation and anything relating to Australian immigration. This may include:

  • visa eligibility and visa options
  • visa processing times
  • immigration advice / support
  • the scope of our services
  • possible fees incurred


4. Flexible consultation options

We provide flexible consultation options for prospective clients. Some people want a yes or no answer to their migration questions, which may suit our quick 20min consultation service. For customers who want a more in-depth consultation then our 50min consultations are more suited for this situation.


5. How to maximise your time

To best utilise everyone’s time, we recommend completing a visa assessment beforehand. This will help us assess your circumstances. If you don’t have time to complete an online visa assessment beforehand then we recommend preparing your questions before the consultation so we can best assist you.


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