Lodging a visa application with the Australian department of immigration can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Gogozing Migration offers an Online Migration Assessment which is intended for people who want get a quick assessment about their eligibility to lodge a visa application.

1. Assessment

Through filling out the online assessment information on our website, we are able to provide prospective applicants with an appropriate Australian visa assessment. This assessment helps Gogozing Migration determine whether you qualify for an Australian visa.

2. Collaboration

If we determine that you are eligible for an Australian visa we will contact you about further collaboration in to process your visa application. If you wish to follow through with the application we will provide advice and support towards gathering the required documents to lodge a valid visa application.

3. Lodgement

After careful consideration we proceed to lodging the visa application. While your application is being processed, Gogozing Migration will liaise with the Department of Immigration & Border Protection and provide support until a decision is made.

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