Lodging a visa application with the Australian department of immigration can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Are you busy and don’t have the time to waste. Gogozing Migration’s Australian migration and planning service guides and explains the step-by-step process required with detailed explanations and visual guides for each step.


1. Assessment/Consultation

Before assisting with your visa application we ask that all prospective applicants complete the appropriate Australian visa assessment. This can be done through our immigration consultation process where we encourage prospective applicant to have an initial consultation. Details gathered in the assessment will help Gogozing Migration establish whether you qualify for a visa.


2. Collaboration

As your application progresses we maintain regular contact with you to ensure that your application continues to move forward swiftly. We provide updates about the latest in your application process and continue to provide support and guidance whenever required until lodgement.


3. Lodgement

After careful preparation and checking we proceed to lodging the visa application on your behalf. While your application is being processed we continue to liaise with the Department of Immigration & Border Protection and provide support when needed.


4. Post visa settlement

Receiving the visa is half the job done for many applicants and their families. We offer additional post visa settlement services that help clients create their new life in Australia. We are not only visa specialist but we also understand that having someone in Australia to be able to call on for support can vital in those early days of setting in a new country and we are here to assist.


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