Studying in Australia is a worthwhile and rewarding experience. While Gogozing Migration’s core business is visa and migration services, we also are licenced to provide prospective students with Australian education consulting and study planning services. We can provide our clients with extensive information about studying in Australia and provide educational pathways to meet the needs of our clients.


1. Assessment/Consultation

Clients wanting to obtain student visas to Australia can also get additional education consultation to provide them with the best pathway to meet your needs. We provide honest and upfront information about studying in Australia to help achieve both our client’s education and migration goals.


2. Student visa application and extension

After consultation we will process your student visa application. We maintain regular contact with you to ensure that your application continues to move forward swiftly. Many clients of ours need help with changes courses and finding visa extension pathways which we are able to provide.


3. Student Visa Complexities

Compare to regular education agents in the industry, Gogozing Migration’s core business in dealing with Australian immigration law and policies. As a registered migration agent we can provide advice and consulting to student visa applicants who have difficulty negating through these constant changes. We can help with making sure that Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) is addressed in a careful and appropriate way to give clients the best chance of obtaining their student visa.


4. Post visa settlement

Receiving the visa is half the job done for many applicants and their families. We offer additional post visa settlement services that help clients create their new life in Australia. We are not only visa specialist but we also understand that having someone in Australia to be able to call on for support can vital in those early days of setting in a new country and we are here to assist.

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